New Actros Customer Experience Days


Come and experience the new Actros for yourself at one of our customer experience days.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you the new Actros and its enhancements at one of our customer experience days we are holding in 2020. 

Each day is designed to show you some of the new features of the new Actros in a hands-on way. It is an excellent introduction to the new Actros for any Transport Manager or Fleet Manager.

The day will include:

  • MirrorCam: A closer look at the new MirrorCam technology, highlighting the safety, visibility and cost saving benefits, and then a chance to experience the technology in action yourself.
  • Safety: An overview of the new safety-related innovations, such as Active Brake Assist 5 and Active Drive Assist, followed by a live in-cab demonstration of our Active Braking and Pedestrian Recognition technology on our test track.
  • Multimedia Cockpit and Lower Total Costs: A summary of the new multimedia cockpit, including the digital dashboard, and an overview of the savings that result from the new innovations. You’ll then be given time with the Actros to explore the new technology for yourself.
  • Connected World: A presentation on the new Connectivity features and benefits of the new Actros, including the new App Portal, Uptime and Fleetboard enhancements. Features a live demonstration of the system, using screen-mirroring from the cab to the screen.
  • Ride and Drive: A chance to get behind the wheel to experience the new Actros on the road first-hand, with one of our expert TRUCK Trainers as a guide. (Non-drivers can experience the drive as passengers, with the guide highlighting the various technologies in action).

To join us at a new Actros customer experience day, please complete an enquiry form or call 0808 169 1850.

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