Commercial Motor Sales Team of the Year Finalist


Roanza Truck and Van’s Truck Sales Team has been named as a finalist in Commercial Motor’s Sales Team of the Year award 2018. Not only that, Kate Carter Truck Sales Executive is a finalist for Apprentice of the Year too.

Headed up by Lester Freakley, Truck Sales Director, the team is already on track to beat Roanza’s 2017 truck sales. Within the team there is a great mix of highly experienced sales professionals along with trainees from a variety of backgrounds. In fact, there are several members of the team with more than 20 years’ experience in the commercial vehicle industry. Furthermore, the whole team is focussed on looking after a customer’s every need then continuing to fully support them once the vehicle has been delivered.

Customers and customer satisfaction are key to sales growth. Working with a customers to find the right product for their Business and then supporting them throughout the sales process is a priority. Roanza has invested in driver-trainers who not only deliver a new truck to a customer, but also spend as much time as is needed to familiarise the driver with their new vehicle. Furthermore fuel is the single biggest cost to many customers, so the specialist driver-trainers coach the drivers to ensure they utilise the technology in the trucks to their best advantage. This helps customers achieve the very best performance from their vehicles in terms of miles per gallon. 

The driver-trainers work hand-in-hand with the sales team to provide demonstration familiarisation too. Using both the fleet of Roanza demonstrators and backed up by the Mercedes-Benz Fuel Challenger programme vehicles, the driver-trainers run through the controls with the customer  then go for a drive to ensure they are happy. Throughout the demonstration period the vehicles are closely monitored and the driver is spoken to on a daily basis. The results are then shared with the customer to show how the demonstrator has performed. 

A Connectivity Specialist has been appointed to assist customers with their contacts once the vehicle is on the road. Whether the customer has a service or maintenance agreement, the Connectivity Specialist ensures there is an introduction to the key after-sales contacts within Roanza so they feel fully supported. Additionally, they ensure that the customer understands how Uptime contracts help to prevent breakdowns by monitoring the vehicles while they are in operation. FleetBoard is also fully introduced so the customer is confident with managing their fleet with this product. 

The team regularly get together outside work for team-building activities. Most recently, they had a fun-filled few hours go-karting in Manchester. Lester believes these activities are the key to the success of the team working well together at work. The team are also proud to work for Mercedes-Benz Trucks and are very passionate about the product.

Lester has actively engaged with the Mercedes-Benz Truck Sales Apprenticeship programme. “We see something special in individuals who have transferable skills. With the help of the programme, we furnish our Apprentice’s with the knowledge and expertise that they need. Kate is just proof that it works!” Two further apprentices started in 2018 to support the growing customer base and hopefully become Roanza’s success stories in the future. 

Each member of the team has a vital role and plays a part in the sales growth year-on-year. From behind the scenes in sales administration and the dedicated PDI (pre-delivery inspection) bay to the sales executives and management. And each individual supports one another, whether it’s an experienced sales executive imparting their knowledge to a new apprentice, or a driver-trainer working with a sales executive on a vehicle demonstration. It’s a team that well works together and is passionate about customer satisfaction.