FUSO Canter Service Contracts


FUSO’s Zero Tolerance on Downtime is here to keep you and your business where it belongs – on the road.

Zero Tolerance means we promise to get to breakdowns within 55 minutes on average. Then we’ll work day and night to repair your vehicle within 24 hours – or provide a free replacement like-for-like vehicle^ if we can’t. Talk to us today about a Complete Service Contract.

Your complete peace of mind. A Complete Service Contract.

Pay less for more peace of mind and a lot more cover.

It now costs as little as £115* a month to maintain your Canter with our Complete Service Contracts, which cover:

  • Parts, labour and lubricants for all routine servicing
  • Wear and tear repair and replacement of friction materials
  • Repair and replacement of mechanical and electric components**
  • Annual MOT preparation and test
  • Ministry inspections***
  • Proactive preventative maintenance at point of service
  • Service24h roadside assistance

Find out more: Request a Callback or call 0800 169 5799.

^If your FUSO is a Euro VI factory standard, on-road truck and you have a Complete Service Contract,
you will qualify for a free replacement vehicle (or a financial rental equivalent)
*£115 based on a FUSO Canter TF7C15 covering 40,000km per annum on an inter/urban operation (up to 6 drops per day) with 6 weekly inspections over 36 months. 
**Terms and conditions with details of exclusions are available from your local FUSO Dealer. 
***Where applicable.