Mercedes-Benz Citan powers into Boulting Group fleet

Boulting Group

With a boldly stated commitment to ‘Engineering Excellence’, Boulting Group Ltd not only delivers the highest standards but expects them from its suppliers too. No wonder, then, that the Warrington-based company has just invested in a new fleet of 20 Mercedes-Benz vans.

All fuel-efficient Citan 109 CDI Long models which proudly wear the slogan as part of their livery, they arrived via local Dealer Roanza Truck & Van and are the subject of a CharterWay contract hire agreement from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Boulting Group runs a fleet of 150 vans from sites throughout the country. They are allocated to engineers and supervisors who provide installation, maintenance and project management services across several engineering disciplines, to customers in a wide range of heavy industry sectors including power generation, utilities and manufacturing.
The operator ordered its first Mercedes-Benz vans after inviting several suppliers to pitch for its business. “The response from Roanza was extremely professional,” recalled Commercial Fleet Manager Peter Gilbert. “They listened carefully to our requirements and came up with a perfectly tailored package.

“We wanted the best small vans on the road, and we’re confident that in our new Citans that’s exactly what we have acquired. Another important factor behind our decision, though, was the excellent finance package from Mercedes-Benz. Our vans are each contracted to cover 30,000 miles per year and the deal was both competitively priced and highly flexible. Indeed, no other supplier was prepared to offer such favourable terms, which demonstrates how keen Mercedes-Benz and Roanza were to build a relationship with us.”

He continued: “We’ve certainly been impressed by the Citans since they entered service, as have our drivers. Our new vans are proving to be economical and comfortable, while also looking very smart on the road.”

Among the drivers to be allocated a new Citan is Jeff Smith, a member of the company’s facilities management team, who reported: “I’ve had the van a month now and covered 600 miles, which have included including a lot of stop-start driving. Yet I’m still on my first tank of fuel. The Citan is great to drive too, smooth and comfortable. I love it!”

The Citan is the smallest van ever produced by Mercedes-Benz and the 109 CDI variant as specified by Boulting Group is powered by an advanced 90 hp engine, capable of returning up to 65.7 mpg. Panel van versions come in Compact and Extra-long lengths too, while the Citan is also available as a Crew van with second row of seats, and a passenger-carrying Tourer.

Like all Mercedes-Benz vans, the Citan is backed by a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. As it is maintained within the manufacturer’s official Dealer Network, it also benefits from MobiloVan cover, which includes free roadside assistance for up to 30 years.

The Boulting Group’s history stretches back almost 100 years, although the operation today is very different to the one founded by William Boulting in 1918 as a small electrical contractor. Following years of steady growth the business became part of East Midlands Electricity, but returned to private ownership following a management buy-out in 1994. Since then it has grown to become a leading provider of engineering services to some of the world’s largest companies.

Boulting Group

Citan supporters: Boulting Group’s Peter Gilbert, left, and Jeff Smith